Hyvor Talk will not load styles with a strict CSP

I am using Zola Static Site Generator, I recently added hyvor talk to my abridge theme. Hyvor Talk will not load styles with a strict CSP (I do not consider adding unsafe-inline to style-src a solution, obviously that would work, but it would lower the security of the page and the mozilla observatory rating.)

My preferred solution would be to somehow get hyvor talk to quit trying to use inline styles and instead simply provide me with a link to a stylesheet that I can put in the head of my site, but if there is another way to resolve this other than adding unsafe-inline, then I would be up for trying it.


here is my CSP: https://github.com/Jieiku/abridge/blob/master/netlify.toml#L19

here are the errors from the chrome developer console:

here is how the page looks without those styles:

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