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Deleting a user through the Console API fails with 500 error code

const hyvorUsers = await axios.get( `https://talk.hyvor.com/api/console/v1/xxxx/users?search=${user.email}`, { headers: { 'X-API-KEY': HYVOR_CONSOLE_API_KEY } } ) if (hyvorUsers?.data?.length === 1) { await axios.delete( `https://talk.hyvor.com/api/console/v1/xxxx/user/${(hyvorUsers.data as any)[0].htid}`, { headers: { 'X-API-KEY': HYVOR_CONSOLE_API_KEY } } ) } The above is an example typescript code that fails (with website id removed). Even if the first API call succeeds, and I get a correct Hyvor user as a result, the second call then fails and give me a 500 error code.If I try the DELETE call with a random false htid, it does correctly give me a 404 error code

Tanguy GΓ©rΓ΄me 7 months ago


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Hyvor Talk will not load styles with a strict CSP

I am using Zola Static Site Generator, I recently added hyvor talk to my abridge theme. Hyvor Talk will not load styles with a strict CSP (I do not consider adding unsafe-inline to style-src a solution, obviously that would work, but it would lower the security of the page and the mozilla observatory rating.) My preferred solution would be to somehow get hyvor talk to quit trying to use inline styles and instead simply provide me with a link to a stylesheet that I can put in the head of my site, but if there is another way to resolve this other than adding unsafe-inline, then I would be up for trying it.https://abridge.netlify.app/overview-abridge/here is my CSP: https://github.com/Jieiku/abridge/blob/master/netlify.toml#L19here are the errors from the chrome developer console:here is how the page looks without those styles:

jieiku 10 months ago


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Asking users' permission to sign-up for email newsletters

I have moved across from Ghost Blog and one thing I missed about it is how users can create their own account, comment on blogs, and opt in to receive email newsletters if they want to. Hyvor Talk has two of those three features. Since Hyvor Talk has a well-known privacy policy to not share Hyvor Account emails to third-parties, so I thought what if we can ask Hyvor Users' permission to subscribe email newsletters of the website?We do not have to force a user to sign-up email newsletters or create a whole, new feature inside Hyvor Talk for email, but at least we can have integration to MailerLite and MailChimp (etc.) to give a choice to our signed-in Hyvor users if they want to opt-in and help every content creator, blogger, developers out there empower their own community. Especially now that you have Membership feature on your v3, we can also invite members to subscribe to email newsletters to get their favorite content creator's updates, news, review, blog, and more.Here is a link to Ghost's new commenting feature: https://ghost.org/changelog/native-comments/. The reason why I mentioned this is because they identified two big things on why they considered commenting in the first place: empower community and ability to overcome automated spam with member authentication.If this feature is pushed out, it will be plus points to your product since I am almost paying the same amount of my Hyvor Talk plan with Ghost's blog pricing... Additionally, your product still adheres to the "privacy-focused, fully-featured commenting system" with your amazing member authentication and can go beyond full-featured commenting system.Let me know what you think of this feature, thank you for your consideration and looking forward to hearing from you soon.P.S. Forgot to change from "Feedback" to "Feature Request" tag.

Amanda Patricia Viray About 1 year ago


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